Saturday, June 5, 2010


1.Laila is the cyclone that caused destruction in the coasts of Andhra Pradesh.What is the name proposed for the next cyclone?
ans: Bandhu

2. Britain elected its new head and it is David Cameroon the new prime minister of Britain. To which party does he belong?
ans: Conservative party

3.Who is the new prime minister of Nigeria?
ans: Goodluck Jonathan

4. ATM founder John Sheperd Baren dead, but the controversy never ends. Which person claims the credit of inventing ATM
ans:James Goodfellow

5.Who was awarded with the lost booker prize and for which work?
ans:J.G.Farrel for the book ‘troubles’

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6.How are green point,nelson Mandela bay, royal bofokeng and ellis park famous?


7. Which famous game celebrates its 30th birthday?
Ans: Pac-Man

8. Which person from Korea is dignified with securing the topmost IQ in the world?
ans:Kim Yung Yong (IQ=210)

9. Who wrote the book ‘The God delusion’
Ans: Richard Dawkins

10. Present CM of chhatisgarh
ans: Dr. Raman Singh

11. Jessie Jackson was an inspirational SPEAKER who spoke for which politician?
ans: Obama

12. Which famous footballer holds the record of lifting the FIFA world cup both as a captain and as a coach for the first and only time?

Ans: France Beckerboven

13. The president of Germany says he quits repenting on his controversial comment to a media person’s question. Name this leader who is a strong support of the chancellor Angela Marchel?
Ans: Host Choler

14. From which constituency was former Indian cricket captain Mohammed Azzarudeen elected as an MP?
ans: Moradabad,UP

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