Monday, January 24, 2011

CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ JANUARY 2011 SECOND EDITION (Internet, Google, Pakistan politics, Tunisia politics, Oscar and FIFA World Cup)

  1. Google makes a very important change in its leadership expecting a defending move against the revolutionary reforms in the IT sector. Who is the new CEO of Google?

  1. Vikram Pandit is associated with which giant in banking sector?

  1. What is the name of the personal guard of Salman Taseer, governor of Punjab (Pakistan) who assassinated the latter recently? Salman Taseer was given a rap on his knuckles for making damning remarks on the blasphemy laws of Pakistan.

  1. The season of Oscar is about to sprout. The movie that stands top is Leonardo Dicaprio starrer Inception. The movie elicits from the director of The Dark Knight. Name him:

  1. Tunisia is envisaging a situation of political chaos as the president of the country made an exile. What’s the name of the president of Tunisia?
  1. In which year was Wikileaks founded?
  1. Which country will host the 2022 football world cup?
  1. What is the telecommunication system newly introduced by Microsoft which offers a complete Web communication platform by embedding a wide variety of media applications viz., e-mail, instant messaging and voice and video conferencing into a single application?

    9.  What is the name of the social networking website which was founded by 27 year  old Chris Hugs and aims at resolving social issues?

    10. What is the name of the Google product that provides a facility of web searching using the images captured in superior quality Android phones?

Sunday, January 9, 2011


The new decade has sprouted out and there is no dearth for events in the world. Wish you all a happy new decade and as usual I have a new set of Questions for you. Have them.

1. Which famous European river is under the threat of highly toxic red sludge that ruptured from a dam 165 km south west of Budapest?

2. Which Australian opera legend was hailed as ‘La stupenda’ and ‘voice of the century’ after her death following an illness at the age of 83?

3. HP launched the industry’s first ePrint-enabled and web-connected printers for business. The customers can print from mobile device using HP’s ePrint technology. What does HP stand for?

4. Y.M. Deosthalee is the whole-time director and Chief Financial officer of which Engineering and Construction major?

5. Australia is envisaging a dire situation as the floods triggered by tropic cyclone forced the evacuation of a major town of Queensland. What is the name given to the cyclone which caused a disaster whose damage bill running into several billions of dollars?

6. In which channel did you see Richard Madly recently and related to what occasion?

7. Who is the first Muslim to play for Australia in test cricket?

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that would win ICC 2011 cup..

8. Which Urdu poet waspenalised by the Gujarat Urdu Sahitya Academy for including a defamatory paragraph on Narendra Modi in the foreword to his book of poems ‘Abhi Zinda Hoon Main’ ( I am still alive)?

9. Which country became the first former soviet republic to adopt the euro from January, 2011?

10. Who directed the recently released 3 dimentional movie Gulliver’s travels?

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