Monday, May 26, 2014

English Grammar and Vocabulary Quiz/Exercise for GRE/IELTS/TOEFL/IAS

1. I ________ my homework an hour ago.

 (a) finished
 (b) have finished
 (c) can finish
 (d) will finish

2. I ________ her this week.

 (a) did not see
 (b) had not seen
 (c) have not seen
 (d) have been seeing

3. She _________________ for her friend when it started to rain.

 (a) waited
 (b) has been waiting
 (c) had been waiting
 (d) will wait

4. If they ______________ to search my room, that would have ended everything.

 (a) demand
 (b) have demanded
 (c) will demand
 (d) had demanded

5. Synonym of pejorative

 (a) disapproving
 (b) cumbersome
 (c) pleasant
 (d) irrational

Comment down your answers
The post will be updated with answers next week