Wednesday, December 29, 2010


 1.Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov were awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize for physics. Which path breaking invention led to this honour?


2.    Which language unknown to the external world so far was discovered by ‘Enduring Voices’ of National Geographic channel?

3.    Who won the Nobel Prize for literature this year to become the first Latin American to win the former after 1990?

4.    The Forbes magazine conducted a survey to find out the list of influential women in the world. According to them, the most influential lady of this year is………….?

5.    The BASIC group of large developing nations is striving hard to win the crucial support of AOSIS on the climate change debate. What does AOSIS stand for?

6.    Who won this year’s ‘Finance Minister of the year for Asia’ award given by ‘Emerging Markets’, the daily newspaper of record for the world bank and IMF?

7.    A new collection of Nelson Mandela’s private papers that reveals his agony and pang at missing his family while in prison and his wariness at being idolized has been published. Name the book.



8.    The prayers from every nook and corner of the world converged into the San Jose mine and eventually the world rejoiced on the escape of all miners who were entrapped in the Chilean mine. The 71 cm diameter escape shaft was completed from a tent city. What is the name of that place?

9.    Which country would carry out a landmark field trial by releasing GM (genetically modified) mosquitoes designed to combat dengue fever by the end of the year?

10. People of which country held ceremonies to cap its capital _______ ‘s millennium celebrations? King Ly Thai moved the capital to _________ in 1010 A.D and called it Thang Long (‘Soaring Dragon’), symbolysing the desire for independence after a millennium of Chinese domination?

Monday, December 20, 2010


  1. Which Guinness world record was handed over from Ken Chaplin of Canada to the Pakistani soldier Muhammad Yousuf Jamil with a single day effort? 
  2. What is common to Guadalupe Fur Seal, the bridled nail tail wallaby and the Banyan tree rat?

  3. What is special about the number 782474317884? The clue you can take before clicking the answer link is that this number belongs to ‘Ranjana Sonawne’.

  4. Google’s instant search technology helps netizen know the best possible search results. Which string should prefix the first term to prevent Google from guessing the search results?

  5. After 60 years of litigation an interim verdict has come for the Ayodhya title suit case. Which general of the Mughal emperor Zahir-ud-Din Babar built the mosque in Ayodhya and in which year? 
  6. The Nepal government appointed Khagendra Thapamagar, a seventeen year old Guinness world record winner as the goodwill ambassador to promote tourism in the country. What is the peculiarity of the record? 
  7. Name the lady, the once brilliant scientist dubbed ‘Lady Qaeda’ by the US tabloids, guilty of the attempted murder of US military officers in Afghanistan in 2008? She got 80 year jail term.

  8. Which commonwealth country has introduced Wi-Fi facility for its entire area?

  9. How did Louise Pattern’s latest novel ‘Good as gold’ attract the media?

  10. Which is the first Indian newspaper to introduce a “speaking advertisement”?
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Sunday, December 5, 2010


1.     The United Kingdom ended its long summering row with Iran over one of the its most prized possessions of Persian provenance, a terracotta document written by a Persian king 2500 years ago and described as the first charter of human rights. What’s the name of that invaluable Babylon document which is now handed over to Tehran from the British museum?

2.     Who won the Jnanapith award for the year 2007 for his exquisite contribution to the Indian poetry through his mother-tongue? He is a phenomenal lyricist and has been honored with National award as well.

3.     Even 3 decades after the Vietnam War, this country bears the headache of clearing a huge number of unexploded ordnance (UXO) dropped by USA during the war. Name the world’s most bombed country whose tonnage of dropped bombs exceeds the same in the entire Europe during Second World War?

4.     Which two countries signed the Artic border pact ending a 40 year dispute over an energy rich area in the Barents Sea?

5.     In which country was the 2800 year old burial chamber belonging to the priest Karakhamun (755 B.C) uncovered by a team led by Dr. Elena Pischikova?

6.     World’s largest wind farm is located in which place?

7.     Which is the world’s biggest solar powered boat?

8.     The gene which is supposed to be the root cause of myopia (Short sightedness) has been discovered by biologists. What’s the name given to that gene?

9.     Amir Khan Production’s PEEPLI [Live] has been elected as the Indian entry to the Oscar award nomination for the best foreign movie. Who is the director of the movie?

10.Which movie made Gloria Stewart famous? She died at the age of 100 recently. She is the oldest academy award nominee for acting.

11.How did Tembhali village in Nandurbar district of Maharashtra reach headlines?

12.Who wrote the book ‘Obama Wars’?

13.Who is UK’s first Asian judge who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II earlier this year and received the Pride of India award for 2010?

14.Britain’s labour party showed an extraordinary streak of boldness by replacing Gordon Brown as its leader and electing a young, left-of centre person. He is the youngest leader in the party’s modern history overtaking Tony Blair by few months. Name this person in news who is a non-Marxist son of a Marxist theorist?

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