Saturday, July 31, 2010



1. India’s first artificial reef has been commissioned in which state?

2.Who is the newly elected president of Turkmenistan?

3.In which country an Indian origin woman named Ms.Kamala Persad-Bissessar has been elected as the Premier?

4.Japan launched their Venus probe recently. What is the name of their launch vehicle?

5. The Copenhagen summit was dispersed with hardly any fruitful decisions. The next summit on climate change is set to take place in Mexico. Which is the exact place?


1. Sharukh Khan’s last movie ‘My name is Khan’ tells the story of a person afflicted with a disease that falls in the autism spectrum. The disease has a specific name and its symptoms are unusual behaviour and indolence to make eye contact. Name the disease.

2. Jayram Ramesh took a new step to preserve the heritage site near Dandi by introducing the carefully named GANDHI project. What is the full form of the project?

3. It was a news of pride in the technology column of any daily in India; two students in India developed a robot with the primary aim of bomb diffusion. What is the name given to the innovation which reminds us of a hero of Hindu epic?


Easy Five
1. Kerala
2. Mr. Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov
3. Trinidad and Tobago
4. H-IIA

Evil Five

1. Asperger's syndrome
2. Green Action for National Dandhi Heritage Initiative project.
3. Abhimanyu

Sunday, July 25, 2010



1.Saina Nehwal ascended to third rank in the world badminton federation rating.
Who stands top?

2.Which day is observed as Anti-drugs day?

3.Who is the new and only woman prime minister of Australia?

4.The Kazakhstan president was honoured as the leader of the nation. Name him.

5.Who is the newly elected chairman of UN General Assembly?


1.Yihan Wang(China)
2.June 26
3.Julia Gillard
4.Noor Sultan Nairbayev
5.Joseph Dais, former Switzerland president


1.Maniratna’s latest movie ‘Raavan’ has pretty good reactions from South India. The movie exhibits Aishwarya's graceful movements for the ‘Kalvarae' song composed by A.R.Rahman. Who designed the footwork for the song? She is a well known actress and dancer and has won National Award twice for best actress.

2.Pandit Tejpal Singh is adept in which musical instrument?

3.Recently the Delhi High court conducted a convention in connection to its first anniversary of the ruling of a section in IPC which states that homosexuality is a crime punishable up to 10 years’ rigorous imprisonment. This day was celebrated as liberation day by queer people. Which section of IPC had this statement that was legitimately stricken down?

1. Shobana
2. Khayal vocalist
3.Section 377

Saturday, July 24, 2010


1. Who is the newly elected president of Colombia?
Ans: Yuan Manual Santos

2. Which country has the lowest position in the rate of wages provided to the workers according to ILU?
Ans: Bangladesh

3.Sachin Tendulkar has been honoured with a post in Indian Air Force. Name the honourary position.
Ans: Group Captain
>>21 persons are rewarded this honour
>>1944- First time-Flight Lt. for Jowhar Raja Yashwanth Rao
>> 1974-J.R.D Tata –Air Vice Marshal
>> 1990- Vijaypath Singhania –last second to get –Air Commander

4.A former minister for centre has been under heart treatment and his condition is critical. Doctors understanding his penchant to football are doing a football therapy currently. Name this person who is a great fan of Brazil?
Ans: Priyaranjan Das Munshi.

5.Who is the president of South Korea?
Ans: Lee Mung Bac

Readers' Quiz

6.Who was the former president of South Korea who was awarded Nobel Peace prize considering his attempts in melting the ice of ire between South and North Korea?

7.In which country the emergency has been declared due to the outburst of Denki fever?

8.Which renowned personality has decided to curtail the expenses by 2 lakh in the background that the country is envisaging critical financial crisis?

6. Kim Dei Jung
8.Queen Elizabeth

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Q.1 ‘X’ was started by John Lenen in 1957. In 1958 Paul McCartney joined him. George Harrison was 14 when he became a part of the team. They coined the name ‘Quarrymen Silver X’ which in 1960 renamed into ‘X’. In 1962 Rinkostar joined the group. Identify world famous ‘X’

Q.2 Which famous footballer holds the record of lifting the FIFA world cup both as a captain and as a coach for the first and only time?

Q.3 Intel has released its new processor which 43nm sized with 3D graphics, video encode and decode features. It is also characterized by less power consumption. What is its name and specification?

Answers are:

1. Beetles
2. Franz Beckenbauer
3. Atom,Z6xx