Thursday, February 25, 2010


1. The place Copenhagen appeared recently in Headlines for the summit regarding Global Warming. Which element is named after that place?
ans: Hafnium

2. STM and AFM are the recently developed new generation instruments utilized for advanced laboratory experimentations. What do STM and AFM stand for?
ans: Scanning Tunneling Microscope and Atomic Force Microscope

3. Which product of coal has the largest quantity of carbon in it?
ans: Anthracite

4. Which chemical is the major ingredient of Superglue?
ans:Alphacyano Acrolene

5.P300 waves are used in what sort of fingerprinting method?
ans:Brain Fingerprinting

6.The death caused by the absence of oxygen in the respiratory organs is called?
ans: asphyxiation

7. You might have watched the movies of the Simran, a gorgeous figure in the South Indian Film Industry. What you have to comment down is the expansion of SIMRAN.

8.Which is the fastest missile ship in the world?
ans: INS Prahar

9.Which part of a cell produces protein?

10.Which two scientists are credited with the invention of microprocessor?
ans: Federico Faggin and Ted Hoff
[Disclaimer:The questions are collected from the quiz conducted by STIC,CUSAT in connection with National Science day.This is just a sharing platform and no claim exists on the publisher]

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7.Satellite Imaging for Rail Navigation