Saturday, March 13, 2010


1. The historic achievement of post Independent India would be the women's bill that was pulled through the Rajyasabha recently. In which article will it be published if it is endorsed as a law?

2. The DLF IPL season III kickstarted here on friday.What does DLF stand for?

3. Sarath Joshi became a popular figure in the newspapers recenly for his odd performance.
Explain how?

4. Who is elected as the richest person in the world by Forbes Magazine?
ans: Carlos Slim(Mexico)

5. Who is the richest India according to the Forbes magazine survey?
ans: Mukesh Ambani.

6.Who is the youngest biilionaire in the world?
ans:Mark Zukerberg(Facebook)

Answer the highlighted questions and respond by comment or mail.


Chandramohan said...

1. Article 330A-Reservation for Women in the House of the People
Article 332A-Reservation for Women in State Assemblies

K.K(kind killer) said...

3.Sarath Joshi wrote a book gandhian social work

黃郁順 said...

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