Monday, August 10, 2009


1. What is the name given to the typhoon that wrecks destruction in Taiwan?
ans: Typhoon Morakot

2.Who is the present FIFA president?
ans: Sepp Blatter

3.Who is the "man of the match" in the test match between Australia and England?
ans: Marques North

4.Where is this statue that has close resemblence to Jackson located?ans: Chicago Museum


GOOGLE EARTH has admitted that it has made few mistakes by

adding some parts of a state in India to another country's territory.

Which is the state and to which country its parts were joined?

try this and get me your answer as a comment.


raklodramA said...

Arunachal pradesh

aravind devanathan said...

some part of arunachal pradesh was included in chinas map

abhishek said...

more than 20 miles of arunachal pradesh are included in china map
why the hell did google earth do it?
This will still widen the gap between the rivals of India

SARATH.G said...

congrats raklodraA and aravind.
you are right

SARATH.G said...

abhishek's opinion is noteworthy because google earth should have been alert like owl while representing boundaries of different countries. Anyway though late,it is good that they realised the mistake.