Thursday, September 30, 2010


1.     Twitter recently had a JavaScript related problem and we now have a similar mess on Orkut. The service seems to have been hit by a worm injected by few Brazilian hackers. Name the worm?

2.     Huawei a famous telecom company is alleged of stealing trade secrets from the American giant Motorola. From which country does this telecom company hail?

3.     The international court of justice says that Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence in February 2008 did not violate international law. From which country did they secede?

4.     Who are ther winners of Ramnath Goenka Award this year?

5.     Which popular politician was given the Lokamanya Tilak Award this year?

6.     8th international sand sculpture championship was held in Berlin. Which renowned Indian sand artist won the first prize ?

7.      Marc Mezvinsky was in news for becoming the new person in the life of which ex-president’s daughter?

8.      Who is the present chief of ICRC(International Committee of the Red Cross)?

9.     What is the mascot of ICC world cup 2011?

10. Which Indian born scientist working at HP labs in California proposed a solution to the crux ‘is P=NP?’ $1 million being one of the seven NP problems issued by Clay Mathematics institute?
1.      Bom Sabado.
2.      China
3.      Serbia
4.      1. journalist of the year in print category-Siddharth Varadarajan(The Hindu) 2.broadcast category-Arnab Goswami(Times now) 3.Journalism in courage-shekhar gupta (Indian Express)
5.      Sheila Dikshit
6.      Sudarsan Patnaik
7.      Bill Clinton. Marc Mezvinsky was married to Chelsea, the daughter of Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton
8.      Jacob Kellenberger
9.      Stumpy elephant
10. Vinay Deolalikar

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


1.      UNO laid foundation to a new organization called UN women in order to strengthen the idea of gender equity. What is the official name of the organization?

2.      The scientists of IIA (Indian Institute of Astrophysics) conducted experiments in Easter Island on the most recent solar eclipse day in order to unveil vital information about the solar corona. To which country does the Easter Island belong?

3.      Which is the first Latin American country to legally permit same sex marriage? 

4.      Which IIT graduate designed the new icon for Indian rupee?

5.      The portrait named ‘8 horses’ was auctioned for 2 crore bucks. Who created this portrait?

6.       Since 2004 Vatican has membership in UNO with a check on the right to vote. What is the terminology for their current status?

7.       Which famous Hindustani classical musician is awarded the Gangubai Hangal prize this year?

8.      The father of black box passed away recently. Name him.  

9.      Who is the union urban development minister who is in charge of themetro projects for states?

10. Muttiah Muralitharan retired from internation cricket recently. Who are the first and last wickets of this legendary bowler?  
1.      UN Entity for Gender Equality and Women Empowerment
2.      Chile
3.      Argentina
4.      D.Udaykumar
5.      M.F.Hussain
6.      Observer
7.      Bhimsen Joshi
8.      David Warren born in Australia
9.      S.Jaipal Reddy
10.  First wicket – Craig McDermott (Australia)
        Last wicket – Pragyan Ojha(India)

Friday, September 10, 2010


1. The British petroleum company is on the hook in the wake of the hazardous oil spill took place in the Gulf of Mexico. Who is the CEO of BP?

2. These two famous characters’ 70th anniversary was celebrated in 2010. They were earlier called Jasper and Jinx. Their debut was through “Puss gets the boot” in 1940. Who are they and name their founders?

3. Sonia Gandhi laid the foundation stone of the 8.8 km long Rohtang tunnel that would be the longest tunnel in the world at its altitude. Near which tourist resort is it located?

4. Which lady is the president of Kyrgyzstan who also holds the record of the first woman president from central Asia?

5. Indira Gandhi International airport at Delhi is the 6th largest airport in the world. The first four in the list of largest airports are located in Asia viz., Dubai, Beijing, Singapore and Bangkok. Where is the fifth largest on located? As a matter of fact, it’s outside Asia.

6. Name the author of the book “The birthday boys” who passed away on 2nd July 2010 in the age of 77. She was nominated for the booker prize for a record 5 times but destined to lose.

7. The eminent Russian mathematician who proved the Poincare conjecture rejected a $ 1 million prize considered equivalent to the Nobel Prize stating that he got the flame from the US math whiz Richard Hamilton who first suggested a program for the solution. Name him.

8. A strong 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck the Pacific nation of Vanuatu last July. Fortunately the chance of Tsunami was ruled out. What is the name of its capital city?

9. Who has the kudos of compiling the book ‘The Agronomy and economy of important tree crops of developing world’ which is the first e-book on agriculture in the world?

10. Which island observed 30th of March as Indian Arrival day since Indian servants were transported to that place in 1845 following the abolition of slavery in the British Empire?


1. Tony Hayward

2. Tom & Jerry.
Founders William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.
7 Oscars- first 1943 for the yanker doodle mouse.

3. Manali in Himachal Pradesh

4. Roza Otunbayeva

5. Mexico city

6. Beryl Bainbridge

7. Grigory Perelman

8. Port Villa

9. K.P. Prabhakaran Nair

10. Trinidad and Tobago

Readers Quiz

1.Paul the world cup fame octopus foreteller has set to retire from his “experiments with fortune”. In which aquarium does this mollusk live?

2. India’s first Pico satellite (weighing less than 1 kg) designed, developed and tested by students was launched with PSLV-C15. What is the name of the satellite?

3. ‘Spind Pigmi’ as its second name indicates is the smallest species of a family in the marine animals’ kingdom. To which family of species do they belong?

4. “The face of the world would have changed, if the nose of ____________ were a bit smaller”. Renowned French mathematician and philosopher Blais Pascal made this comment about which personality?

5. Drug watch was a TV show aimed at discouraging the youth of the consumption and sale of drugs. In which channel was this broadcasted?

6. Identify the country from the clues:

a. drunk tea first

b. grant channel connects its two rivers

c. ‘divine threshold of peace’

d. Marco Polo has visited this country.

7. What is actual name of this series whose Indian version is called “Chooha billi chor police”?

Readers Quiz Answers
1. Sealife Aquarium,Oberhausen,Germany
3.Shark,25 cm length
7.Tom & Jerry

Friday, September 3, 2010


1. Which American novelist won the Orange prize for her work ‘The Lacuna’ this year?
Ans:Barbara Kingsolver,her famous work is The Poisonwood Bible
2. Wikileaks reached the headlines by publishing the thousands of classified data on Afghanistan war that were believed to be undisclosed by USA security agencies. Who is the 39 year old founder of Wikileaks who has got into rape and molestation allegations recently?
Ans. Julian Assange, He is an Australian internet activist
3. Which monument of India has been approved as a World heritage site to be the 28th from India and second from Rajasthan after Keoladev National Park?
Ans: Jantar Mantar
4. In the 3G mobile license spectrum auction that fetched thegoverment Rs 67,710 crore which company bagged the highest number of circles?
Ans. Reliance Communications, 13 circles
5. MSC Chitra that careened near the Mumbai coast became a shocking news recently. What does MSC stand for?
Ans: Mediterranean Shipping Company, the owners of the ship.
refer this article for confirmation
(para 2-first sentence)
picture courtsey: Internet