Thursday, September 30, 2010


1.     Twitter recently had a JavaScript related problem and we now have a similar mess on Orkut. The service seems to have been hit by a worm injected by few Brazilian hackers. Name the worm?

2.     Huawei a famous telecom company is alleged of stealing trade secrets from the American giant Motorola. From which country does this telecom company hail?

3.     The international court of justice says that Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence in February 2008 did not violate international law. From which country did they secede?

4.     Who are ther winners of Ramnath Goenka Award this year?

5.     Which popular politician was given the Lokamanya Tilak Award this year?

6.     8th international sand sculpture championship was held in Berlin. Which renowned Indian sand artist won the first prize ?

7.      Marc Mezvinsky was in news for becoming the new person in the life of which ex-president’s daughter?

8.      Who is the present chief of ICRC(International Committee of the Red Cross)?

9.     What is the mascot of ICC world cup 2011?

10. Which Indian born scientist working at HP labs in California proposed a solution to the crux ‘is P=NP?’ $1 million being one of the seven NP problems issued by Clay Mathematics institute?
1.      Bom Sabado.
2.      China
3.      Serbia
4.      1. journalist of the year in print category-Siddharth Varadarajan(The Hindu) 2.broadcast category-Arnab Goswami(Times now) 3.Journalism in courage-shekhar gupta (Indian Express)
5.      Sheila Dikshit
6.      Sudarsan Patnaik
7.      Bill Clinton. Marc Mezvinsky was married to Chelsea, the daughter of Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton
8.      Jacob Kellenberger
9.      Stumpy elephant
10. Vinay Deolalikar

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