Thursday, October 8, 2009

MAHATMA GANDHI QUIZ -a tribute to the great "GANDHIJI"

1. The prime minister of which country has decided to write a book on Gandhi?
Ans: Britain

2.Who many days did Gandhi spend in prison?

3.Gandhi had to witness the death of two dearest companions while he was in prisoned in Aga Khan Palace. Who were they?
Ans: Mahadev Desai ans Kasturba

4.“Do or Die” was the slogan for which movement?
Ans: Quit India

5.Which were the ‘words’ in consideration for the 1942 movement before Quit was coined?
Ans: Get out and Retreat , Because of the disrespect in the word ‘get out’ it was rejected by Gandhi.

6.Gandhi went to South Africa in order to appear in court as an advocate in favour of a company. Name it.
ans: Dada Abdullah and company

7.Who compelled Gandhi in having the non-vegetarian food?
Ans: Shek Methab

8.Porbander was named as Sudamapuri in remembrance to which character in the Hindu epic? Ans: Kuchelan

9.“Gandhi is the lightning of truth to India given by the God”. Who said this?
Ans: Rabindranath Tagore

10.Gandhi was forced out of the train for traveling in first class compartment. This is the incident of racial discrimination that Gandhi had to face in South Africa. What is the name of the railway station after which this incident was named?
Ans: Maritsberg

11.The person who assisted Gandhi in Champaran Sathyagraha later became the president of India. Name him
ans:Dr. Rajendra Prasad

12.What is the name of the newspaper published by Gandhi in South Africa?
Ans:Indian Opinion

13.Gandhi began an Ashram in South Africa as a tribute to a renowned writer. What was its name?
Ans: Tolstoy Farm

14.Who gave Gandhi the idea of Charka as a symbol of the struggle for Independence?
Ans: Gangabahan Majumdar

15.How did Mountbatten describe Gandhi?
Ans: On man peace brigade

16.The first biography of Gandhi in any Indian language was in Malayalam. Name the author? Ans: Ramakrishnapillai

17.Where was Gandhi when India was declared Independent?
Ans: Navakhali

18.Dandi yathra began from which location?
ans: Sabarmathi Ashram, Ahmedabad

19.On which day Gandhi was assassinated?
Ans: Friday

20.Who was the Grand Father of Gandhi and in what name he is known?
Ans: Uttam Chand Gandhi, known as Otha Gandhi

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