1. How was the National Anthem of India known in the earlier times?
  1. In which raga is the national anthem composed?
  1. Republic is celebrated on 26th December since it was proposed during the struggle for independence to celebrate 26th December ______ as the first Purna Swaraj day. Which year was proposed for the Purna Swaraj?
  1. Who composed the national anthem of India?
  1. From which nation the provision of amendment in constitution was adopted?
  1. In which year, the voting age was changed from 21 to 18?
  1. In 1978, which right was excluded from the list of fundamental rights?
  1. In 2003, the total number of approved languages was raised to 22 from 18. Three of the newly approved languages are Santali, Bodo and Dogree. Which is the forth language?
  1. The national song of India is adopted from the work ‘Anantha Math’. The work comprises of usages from two different languages. One is Bengali. Which is the other language?
  1. ‘Republic’ comes from the Latin word ‘Respublica’. What does the word mean?

  1. Bhagya Vidhata
  1. Shankarabharanam
  2. 1930
  1. Captain Ram Singh Takur

  1. South Africa
  1. 1988
  1. Right to possession of property
  1. Mydhili
  1. Sanskrit
  1. Civic studies