Wednesday, October 12, 2011


What does the word Islam mean?...It means 'Submission to the will of God'
 1. What are each chapters of Holy Quran named?

2. Muslims believe that the Holy Quran is verbally transferred from God to Muhammad.
Through whom was the Holy Quran revealed to Muhammad?

3. In what name are the companions of Muhammad renowned?

4. Who is known as the first translator of Holy Quran?

5. Who first offered an English translation of Quran in 1649?

6. What is the technique of reciting Holy Quran called?

7. What is the first Surah of Holy Quran named?

8. Which Surah of Holy Quran has the meaning 'The food'?

9. "The flesh of sacrificial animals does not reach God and neither their blood;
but only godliness from you reaches Him."Which Surah says this?

10. "O Prophet! Tell thy wives and thy daughters, as well as all believing women,
that they should draw over themselves some of their outer garments:
this from you reaches Him."Identify the Surah, a verse of which describes
the code of dress for woman?


1. Surah(114 Surahs are there)
2. Angel Jibril(Gabriel)
3. Shahaba
4. Salman The Persian
5. Alexander Ross
6. Tajwid
7. al-Fatiha
8. Al-Ma'idah (5th Surah)
9. al-Hajj(22:37)
10. al-Ahzab(33)

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