Wednesday, June 23, 2010


1.What is the name of the national soccer team of South Africa?
Ans: Bafana Bafana

2.How many of the eleven official languages are there in the national anthem of South Africa?
Ans: 5

3.The national anthem of South Africa was formed by merging the national anthem under white minority rule (ended in 1994) and the one followed by most blacks. Name those anthems.
Ans: Die Stem(The voice of south Africa) and Nkosi Sikelel’I Africa( God Bless Africa) respectively. Merged in 1997.

4.Injuries can assault the dreams of thousands of soccer fans across and outside the countries. The captain of which team is Didier Drogba who fractures his forearm but got the consent of FIFA toplay the match
Ans: Ivory Coast

5.What is the name of the English soccer team captain whose participation is uncertain due to the injury that made him hobble in crutches?
Ans: Rio Ferdinand

6.Rafael Nadal outplayed Robin Soderling to osculate the French open cup few days ago. Nadal is a Spanish seed. To which country Robin Soderling belong?
Ans: Sweden

7.Who is elected to succeed Yukio Hatoyama as the Prime minister (Premier) of Japan?
Ans: Naota Kan

8.Which event’s 21st anniversary was observed quietly by Chinese activists and the parents of the victims of this event in Beijing on June 4?
Ans: Tiananmen Square event took place in 4 June 1989.
Hundreds of students and citizen were killed near the square as a result of the Communist government’s order to suppress the protestors that led to an open fire.

Tiananmen Mothers is an organization that remonstrates against the government for this homicide.

Media is restricted from discussing this topic.

Search results for the terms Tiananmen Square and June 4 are highly censored in China.

Protestors use March 35 to indicate June 4 in websites because that avoids censoring.

9.Who was the head of the Union Carbide company when the Bhopal Gas tragedy took place on 2 -3 December 1984?
Ans: Warren Anderson

10.What is the name of the former head of the Union Carbide India Company who was awarded 2 year jail for homicide by negligence in the Bhopal gas tragedy case?
Ans: Keshub Mahendra

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