Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Obama wins presidency in the US elections.

Obama (D) - 349 votes
McCain (R) - 147 votes
Barack Obama is the projected winner

It is a long time back America witnessed any change other than today
when Senator Barack Obama won a landslide victory over
his opponet John Macain in the presidential election.

The exit polls did not deceive anyone because the phenomenon of Bradly effect was swept away by the Hurricane "Obama".
Our cocern today is the impact of changes in India.
Obama during the course of his ca
did not say anything about India till July.
The only attachment with India in the medias were the sculpture of Hindu God Hanuman and his reverence to Mahatma Gandhi.
It was later he disclosed his opinion about India.
He was thinking to stop all the outsources to India.
The very next weeks showed tremendous downfall in the IT stream in India.
The trade relations are not yet moving in the right direction.
The victory of Obama is fruitful to America but the extend to which it helps India is unpredictable.
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