Monday, November 10, 2008


November 11 has a lots of events to be recorded into
the portrait of history.Let's recollect the important happenings that made November !! a remarkable date!

Q.1: This movie was brought forth on 11th november 1985.
The peculiarity of this movie is that it is the first _ _ _ _
theme TV movie.

Q.2: You may be familiar with this picture.
It is a great piece of work by Da Vinci by name "CODEX".
This picture was bought by a famous personality on 11th november
1994 for $30,800,000 .Who is that man?

Q.3: C. J. Davisson and G. P. Thomson was awarded with the Nobel prize for physics on 11 th november.Type down the year of their achievement?

Q.4: Who was elected as the Pope on November 11, 1503 ?

Q.5: Which picture of Van Gogh was sold at arecord price of $53.6 M
on 11 november 1987?

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