Friday, February 11, 2011


1. When somebody says that Adolf Hitler and Woody Allen were claustrophobic you should believe them.
   Dan Brown's Robert Langdon is also a claustrophobiac. But what the hell is this claustrophobia?

2. You might have heard of s-spectrum controversy. s-band refers to a range of frequencies in the microwave region. Which range of frequencies is denoted by s-band?

3. Eduardo Saverin is the co-founder of which web-based network?

4. The family name Spheniscidae includes which beautiful species?

5. What is the name of the new book written by the famous metaphysicist Stephen Hawking?

6. Which German geophysicist proposed the theory of continental drift that
     explains how the disintegration of land mass occured from the initial pangea?

7. In 1971 which famous invention was made by James Fergason?

8. Which two scientists are credited with the invention of ethernet?

9. Which disease is medically known as Lateral epicondylitis?
     [clue: He is the only man to score double ton in ODI's]

10. What is the meaning of the congenital defect named DEXTROCARDIA?
     [You won't hear heart beats of a dextrocardiac person if you don't understand its meaning]

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