Friday, May 21, 2010


1. India and srilanka sign a line of credit agreement for $ 67.4 million to fund the second phase of upgradation of southern Indian railway line . Between which two stations it is to be established?

Ans: Colombo and matara

2. Which is the world’s first grebe legislature building

ans: Tamil Nadu legislature assembly Secretariat complex

(It was inaugurated by Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh

3. Which is the first open jail for women?

Ans: Yervada Central Jai, Pune
4. Former Chief Justice of Supreme court Mr. P.V.Reddy holds which post at present? Ans: Chairman of Law Commission

5. From which Indian state the Supersonic Cruise Missile Brahmos was launched on test?

Ans: Orissa

6. Which country agreed to provide 4 million tonnes of LPG(Liquified Natural Gas) to India by 2014?

Ans: Qatar

7. Which is the first and the only Indian automobile company to join the 1 million club that produces 10 lakh cars per year?

Ans: MSIL(Maruthi Suzuki India Ltd.)

8. India signed an agreement on economic cooperation with a country through the visit of Anand Sharma,Minister of commerce and industry. Name the country.

Ans: Finland

9. What is the name of the nuclear capable ship based missile tested by India at Integrated test range in Orissa?

Ans: Dhanush

10. Agni II is the latest missile to be tested by India. It can carry nuclear weapons and has 700km range. From where it was tested?

Ans: Wheeler Island, Orissa

11. Two new power plants of 700MWe capability are to be are to be set up. They are indigenous pressurized heavy water reactors(PHWR) that mainly utilizes Uranium and Heavy water. Where are they planned to be set up?

Ans: Kumharia(Haryana) and Bargi (Madhya Pradesh)

12. Which country introduced an Education reform named “ No child left behind” program to uplift the prevalence of education in the country?

Ans: USA

13. Which country aids Bangladesh in developing its strategically significant deep-sea port at Chittagong?

Ans: China

14. The hot topic in Srilankan politics is the proceedings against the Army Chief General for involving in politics while in uniform. Name the person in the soup?

Ans: Sarath Fonseka

15. CSTO(Collective Security Treaty Organisation) is constituted by 7 countries. 6 of them are Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Which is the left out country?

Ans: Russia

16. What is the name of the surface to surface missile tested by India at Integrated test range in Orissa?

Ans: Prithvi II


‘X’ was started by John Lenen in 1957. In 1958 Paul McCartney joined him. George Harrison was 14 when he became a part of the team. They coined the name ‘Quarrymen Silver X’ which in 1960 renamed into ‘X’. In 1962 Rinkostar joined the group. Identify world famous ‘X’

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