Tuesday, July 21, 2009


What made man land on the sea of tranquility?
Was it just the scientific approach to study about the presence of water or life-supporting elements? Was it to seek the possible life of human beings outside the terrirtory of earth?
No may be the answer.
"Competition" was the thrust behind man's historic landing on the moon.
After the second world war there was a cold war between America and the
eastwhile USSR. The world in fact was divided into two-one countries backing up America and others backing up Soviet Union.
It was soviet union to start clinching history by leaping upward into the space.
Their victorious explorations imprinted the names of first man on space, first woman on space, first animal on space etc. in the history.
This was a big blow for America.
It was necessary for them to come up with something that would astonish the world.
In the later periods a large budget was set apart for this attempt.
It was John.F.Kennedy who gave the inspiration for the scientists in America.
This spirit of competition , after 10 trials of imperfections(from Apollo 1 to 10) resulted in that historic footstep.
"The spirit of competition wins impossibities."

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