Sunday, September 14, 2008


Large hadron collider abbreviated as LHC is located in Geneva. This complex machinery belongs to CERN (conseil European pour la recherché nucleare) {in French}-European center for nuclear research. Scientists think that they can repeat the initial moments of the big bang in the laboratory using LHC. The success of this experiment may point out the existence of a vital high density energy particle that caused the origin of universe. That vital particle can be considered as the god's particle.

For this experiment, the proton particles are forced to collide at extremely high velocity from two poles of the LHC. The function of lhc is to initiate the collision. This collision will result the development of the high-energy particle. The big bang occurs there.

This LHC is explained well in the novel Angels and Demons by Dan brown. The important part of the novel takes place in the CERN. The author in this novel gives a thorough explanation of the experiment.

The doubts are not yet burnt off because some scientists still protests against the experiment saying that the experiment may result in the creation of black holes. If it happens, the future of earth is nothing less than a tremendous devastation.

The importance of this experiment is that its success will back up the theory of special creation, which was once ruled out. The existence of a god's particle will be a triumph of religions over science.

Still we have to think of another possibility too.
If there is a god's particle, why not there is a chance for an evil's particle because for every particle there should be an anti-particle?!

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