Saturday, September 20, 2008


The newspaper now-a-days come out with Indo-American deals almost fifteen times a fortnight.
Take a flashback to the late 1970's.
The very same newspapers had Indo-Russian collaboration scoops every day.
Why India has changed so quickly?
A retrospect of history after independence gives the following thoughts to me:

$ India has changed it attitude of constitution.
The preable says that India is a sovereign socialist secular democratic republic.
The recent deals of India seems like erasing the term socialist from the honourable constitution, obviously inserting capitalism by 'action'

$ Many industries if India were aided by Russia earlier.
The nuclear power station in Bokaro was a Russian collaboration.
The split up of Russia gave a strong indication that if India moves ahead with the plan of socialism she too would have to envisage the same fate of Russia. It would have become an adamant repetition of the Russian failure despite historical warning!

$ If India is not ready to engage in deals with America, she may lose the support of Uncle Tom in the Pakistan issue.
It may be a situation of drought that India will have to face in UNO where she will feel the dearth of support from countries with veto-power.

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