Sunday, November 22, 2009


1.The Transparency International Organization conducted a survey in 180 countries to find out the least corrupted beurocracy. Which country was the least corrupted according to their survey?
Ans: Newzealand

2. Who is the first accused in the Sheikh Mujib-ur Rahman Murder case whose verdict is about to declare,34 years after the incident?
Ans: Syed Farooq Rahman

3. Who is the present prime minister of Bangladesh?
Ans: Sheikh Hazina

*4. The first submarine cabinet meeting in the world was conducted by the Maldives to convey the necessity of curbing the aftermaths of global warming. Who is the president of Maldives?

5. Which is the native place of Father Damien who was canonized recently by Pope Benedict XVI?
Ans: Belgium

6. The book ‘Growing up Bin Laden’ is written by whom?
Ans: Osama Bin Laden’s wife Navja and his son Umar

*7.The white house used not to celebrate this Indian festival in their East room of historic importance. This year during the presidency of Obama this festival was celebrated with gaiety. Which is that festival?

try the starred questions and give your answer as a comment.