Friday, September 18, 2009


1. September 15 is observed as Engineer’s day in memory of which famous Indian?
Ans: Dr.M.Viswesharayya

2. Pakistan’s cricket star had a love affair with Benazir Bhutto whilst she was in London. Who wrote the biography of Imran which revealed this ‘gossip’?
Ans: Chistopher Stanford

3. Who is known as the “lion Of Senet” in the US, who passed away on August 26?
Ans: Edward Kennedy

4. The renowned American novelist Elmor Kelton was 83 years old when he slipped off to death recently. Which is his first work?
ans: Hot Iron

5.Forbes magazine declared the list of the strongest women in the world. Who holds the position in the crest?
ans: Angela Marchel

*6.What do H and N stand for in the H1N1 virus?

*7. C.B.I recently decided to terminate a case of theft of the memorial materials and a prize due to lack of evidence. Which is that case and related to which famous personality?

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