Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Every year viruses(biological) come out to compete with the
medical technology.
The Swine Flu is the latest disease prevailing around the world.
Scientifically the H1N1 virus is the microorganism that causes this disease.
The disease was first reported in Mexico. Now a days there is not need to find out the vector that speads the disease.The increased rate of migration can be the reason for this spreading.
Just like the Chikun gunya fever it shows the symptoms only after a week's time and if not treated soon will result in Pneumonia.
Worst cases may lead to death too.
High comsuption of non-vegetarian food has increased the
export and import of eatable fleshy animals like pig,chicken,
cattles etc. Unsafe methods of preserving flesh can be the source of disease causing micro-organisms.
Why are people so particular in having flesh?
In the present situation scientists seldom encourage
non-vegetarian meals.
Vegetables are not harmful to the body nor the cradle of
How to keep away from Swine Flu?
There are no particular precautions that
can be taken now.
* Have vegetarian food at least until the rain dries up.
* Wash your body thoroughly after reaching home.
* If you are so particular in having non-veg..ensure
that the item is fresh and devoid of diseases.

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