Monday, April 6, 2009


The lok sabha elections are round the corner.
The democratic mechines have become idle due to the election
mania. The political leaders and the ruiling ministers have started the election campaigns.
The Bharatiy Janatha party are engaged in the election canvasing with a tremendous hope to annex the lost land in the last lok sabha elections. The UPA government will be subjected to certain frustrations because the can anticipate the face-off of the left parties.

The third group as stated by a senior politician may be an utopian theme but one thing is independent party is going to win the
required margin of majority alone.
The UPA government has brought forth their election propaganda declaring that Manmohan Singh will be the
prime minister candidate for them.
Their propaganda has the following proclamations:
1. Reservation for women in occupations
2.Food preservation act to be passed
3. Protection, POliteness and Progress for all citizens
4. Uproot terrorism
5. Assure 33% reservation for women
6.Economic reservations without affecting backward castes
7.Free education to tribal children upto university level.

The UPA government has been ruling India for the last
5 years. The common minimun programme published by them
at the onset of their period in office had these same contents.
If they could not implement these declarations within the span of 5 years how can we trust them hoping that they would convert all these paper works into reality?
This is just a politics trick.
Canvasing the common man with dreams, is the policy adopted here.
His dreams will never come true unless the corrupted beaurocracy and greedy politicians are white washed.
Dr. Manmohan Singh is a not a good leader but a good economist.
Every intelligent person in the country can definitely understand that he is just a puppet in the hands of
America. This election is not only exciting the country but also the whole world.
The floating global economy has so far not shaken the Indian markets. A wrong choice is this
election will affect Indian markets adversely.
Let us hope for changes in India too.

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